Receive your copy of the Arts&Crafts hand-crafted, leather-bound Edition of "Forgotten Gods", in its somptuous Slipcase. Join the Gods ★



  • ARTS & CRAFTS hand-crafted Edition of "Forgotten Gods"
  • ARTS & CRAFTS hand-crafted Slipcase
  • Original Artwork 30/40cm
  • (SIGNED AND NUMBERED) Deluxe Edition of "Forgotten Gods"
  • Clamshell Box
  • Original Sketch (graphite, gold leaf, white ink and hydrangea)
  • 2 Enamel Pins (The set of your choice: Light Gods or Dark Gods)
  • Set of 6 Exclusive Prints (A4)
  • 1 Set of 4 Postcards
  • 4 Desktop Wallpapers


King of Gods 

(Handcraft luxury edition, limited to 9 copies):

This book is one of my personal dreams, a tribute to the sublime prints of the most prestigious editions. It is an Arts and Crafts approach, in the spirit of William Morris: the desire to bring together art and crafts in the service of an object in order to grant him a true spirit.

We worked with Belfëa, a longtime leather-crafting friend, to create an exceptional edition, a dream book that rediscovers the form of the most precious editions. It will be entirely handmade, down to the smallest detail.

I will make an original artwork on the title page of the 9 copies, using my favorite technique: graphite, gold leaf, white ink and hydrangea petals. This original art will be apart from the book, you can choose either to keep it within the book or to frame it as you wish.

The King of Gods will embrace a celestial aesthetic to depict the dreamlike approach behind its conception. Its stars will guide our hands during its making.


Specifics of the box:

  • Genuine leather, dyed, repelled and engraved by BelfĂ«a, a renowned French leather craftsman. 
  • Gilded by my hand using 22k and 24k golds. Three different golds will enhance its patterns as well as silver leaf. 
  • Lock including a golden chain and wood, brass or deer antlers.


Book specifics:

  • Very large format: 37.5 / 50cm
  • Genuine leather cover, dyed, repelled and engraved by BelfĂ«a, a renowned French leather craftsman. This cover will be gilded by my hand in 22k and 24k golds. Three different golds will enhance its patterns, as well as silver leaf.
  • Each illustration will be printed separately, pasted by hand and protected by a transparent sheet by my hand.
  • Double pages of support in Velin d'Arches paper, 250g / mÂČ
  • Large format reproductions, pasted on Velin d'Arches: 29.7 / 42cm, printed on HanemĂŒlhe Photo Rag 308g/mÂČ, a very beautiful high quality mat paper with superb reproduction of contrasts and colors.
  • 30 illustrations will be enhanced with 22k or 24k gold leaf, depending on its color, by my hand.
  • All the designs surrounding the texts will be screenprinted in golden ink by my hand.
  • The book will be bound and sewn by my hand.

⭐ King of Gods 🌙 payment in installments (Reserved,Talal)

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